DUC Props

The light og high efficient carbonprop with " CONSTANT-SPEED EFFECT".

During climb the engine rotates 2-300 rpm faster than with comparable props with the same angle.

Cruising the engine rotates 2-300 rpm less for the same speed.

DUC props can be delivered with laminated steel-edge in front.

DUC props can be used on engines with direct drive due to its 60 mm. shaft.

DUC props develope less noise.

DUC props provide better performance.

DUC props provide better economy.

DUC props have longer lifetime.

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Prices spring 2007
Dimensions Weight Prices
3-bladed 174 cm 3,370 kg 1.150,-
2-bladet 174 cm 2,570 kg     800,-
3-bladet 174 cm infligt justerbar 8,400 kg 3.450,-



Constant speed prop.

The only self-adjusting propeller approved by DULFU, the danish UL-Union.

V-prop is developed for rotax 912 og jabiru motorer.

V-prop lets you performe a ultra-short takeoff.

V-prop provides 15-20 % better climb performances.

V-prop provides better fuel consumption.

V-prop provides higher cruise speed.

A 100 HP Rotax engine mounted in an aerodynamic airplane normaly rotates at about 4.700 rpm during climb.
The engine only brings a performance of 84 HP at these rpm.

During clim the V-prop automatically adjusts the pitch to allow the engine to rotate at 5.800 rpm, where it brings it full performance of 100 HP.

Prices spring 2007
Jabiru & Rotax 912   80 HK 3.400,-
Rotax 912 S 100 HK 3.900,-

The firm is entitled to change prices and specifications at any time.